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As the story progresses, you get drawn into Jane who is hiding from the Mexican cartel.Cade and Jane realize they have a lot more in common than they thought.

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Who doesn’t love the old “turn to your partner and….”?

This is a classic English teacher move, an oldie-but-goodie.

They NEVER seem to use the walk to my class to mentally review the reading. ) So if I kick off discussion by asking a question first thing, silence and awkward eye contact avoidance is all I will get.

Except of course for that one super student who always has something to say. So in today's podcast (and post) I’m going to share with you a whole bunch of different activities and strategies you can use in the first five or ten minutes of a discussion-based class to get your students warmed up for a truly high quality discussion.

Cooking is her passion, and a way for her to find out who she is, and how far she can push herself. Same author as Poet X, which you must read if you haven’t!

#goodteenreads #mustreads #awesomebooks #middleschoolbooks #highschoolbooks #goodyoungadultbooks #teachersreccomendbooks #teachersofinstagram #bookstagram #teacherslovebooks #bookreview #bookreccomendations #yalit #yaliterature #yareads #youngadultlit #teachersrecommend I had some students recommend this to me at the end of last year and it didn’t disappoint.Then kick off the discussion with a connecting question between what has been presented and the reading. Sign up below for insider freebies, fun classroom ideas, and podcast and blog post highlights delivered to your inbox, and you'll also get four free one-pager templates with complete instructions! I fell in love with the main character Emoni, a girl who got pregnant her freshman year and has had to make tough decisions throughout her high school experience while caring for a child.2 girls are accused of murdering their best friend, Summer. The story goes from present day to the past to piece together the story of Summer, the girls and their friendship and their obsession with a novel.Through twists and turns, they are determined to find out what really happened to their friend.She’s trying to survive the 7th grade, while also surviving in the real world.This is a story of courage, bravery, standing up and giving yourself a voice even when it seems impossible.Everyone needs to read this- kids, teachers, parents.It helps you see that people who live in poverty and struggle with the simple things (clean clothes, homework done, having power) are real people and need support.The epilogue is worth reading to give you more background information on the White Rose resistance [email protected] #goodteenreads #mustreads #awesomebooks #middleschoolbooks #highschoolbooks #goodyoungadultbooks #teachersreccomendbooks #teachersofinstagram #bookstagram #teacherslovebooks #bookreview #bookreccomendations #yalit #yaliterature #yareads #youngadultlit #teachersrecommend If you’re looking for an adventure, thriller, must read book this summer- read this.


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