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The New Stone Age, or Neolithic Age, kept women’s status inferior to that of men.They were still in charge of gathering and farming, which led them to many technological advances in the fields of plowing and cooking.

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Since the beginning of time, women had been working to advance their place in society.

From the Stone Age through the twentieth century, individuals and organized groups had felt that women were treated unequally, and they vowed to do something about it.

“According to Freud, woman is passive, masochistic, and narcissistic. She is an incomplete ‘maimed’ man because she lacks a penis” (Sinclair 15).

This conclusion is the basis for the feeling of inferiority placed upon women from Freud’s time until the present.

He found that the development of boys and girls were similar until the age of five where the phallic stage begins.

From there, each sex takes an interest in their own genitals.The men were sent to hunt, and the women stayed at home gathering vegetables while taking care of the children.This creation of sexually depicted roles implied that women were too fragile and weak to go out hunting with the men (Sinclair 184).Although the contributions of women were unmatched by most men in this era, the male race still reigned supreme (Sinclair 186).In later years, renowned scientist Sigmond Freud drew some astounding conclusions about humans through his research.In 1898 came the beginnings of Women’s Suffrage, which was the movement intended to allow women the right to vote.During this time, over 500 separate campaigns were launched with the goal of attaining this right.It was in the mid-1800s when the first signs of the feminist movement came about.In 1861, a man named John Stuart Mill wrote The Subjection of Women, which was said to have spawned the ideology of the Women’s Rights Movement (Ryan 11).The National American Women’s Suffrage Association (NAWSA) was soon formed, and Stanton was its first president.She helped to begin extensive mobilizing efforts and put a strong foot forward in the suffrage movement (Ryan 22).


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