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This has been the dominant position within myth studies, as represented in the title of a collection of essays edited by the American folklorist Alan Dundes (1934–2005), (1984).

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It is easy to note their afterlife in language, as is seen in English-language adjectives originating from the Greeks: hermetic, mercurial, Apollonian, Dionysian, narcissistic, oedipal.

Many of these figures reflect the central roles of creativity and development that somehow always recur as an important dimension of the mythological.

At some point in the development of mythological studies (mythography), issues of form/structure versus content/ideological dimension appeared. Alive within a mythological universe, then, myths are less scriptural monoliths than segments of memories, portions of wholes that may or may not cohere as “religious” systems, yet have a flavor of mythicity that identifies “the American dream,” the Western hero monomyth, rock and roll, or a political plank.

Formally, many myths (although certainly not all, as assumed repeatedly) seemed to be strongly related to rituals, especially those associated with life transitions and communal festivals. “Mythicity” usually seems naively natural, although it is certainly difficult to parse in technical language; we may be least aware of those mythological perspectives through which we cipher importance and significance in culture.

Demonstrations of the problems that primitive Christians had with their Jewish compatriots and forebears (the New Testament has several equations of “myth” with “Jewish concepts”) generally help more neutral audiences to understand some of the hostility that led to early-Christian burning of the great Alexandrian collection of all remaining Greek manuscripts because they were mythic and hence “anti-Christian.” Modern and contemporary anthropological evaluations of the mythic include Bronislaw Malinowski’s (1884–1942) emphasis upon myth as an active social force and Claude Lévi-Strauss’s proposals that myths represent attempts to resolve philosophical dialectics between—ultimately— being and nonbeing.

World Mythology Research Paper

Yet it is perhaps an open question whether or not myths really resolve the ancient Zoroastrian dichotomies reflected in the Hebraic prophetic contrast between human inclinations toward good or evil.The concept of “the secular” is established precisely as “the profane” (literally the temple walls) in highly religious societies.Yet increasingly, less-religious Western peoples have begun to notice that “the religious” actually represents, at most, some selective enclaves, and that “the secular” (the term means, etymologically, only “of this age, contemporary”) is the primary source of experience for most people in our era.Here the mythological and the ideological-political spheres overlap, because myths model moral choices (positively or negatively).They are often ways the individual learns how to adjust to social roles and statuses—one’s own and those of peers with whom one chooses to associate.Any one of them had various ritual epithets, according to how the figure had manifested locally (the Zeus of such and such a town). 43 BCE – 17 CE) become the models for medieval and Renaissance rediscoveries of long-latent mythological resources.Later handbooks and catalogues appeared only as earlier Greek culture was waning and Roman adaptations of many of the Greek figures threatened to replace them. Thanks to Plato and then subsequent movements within Greek thought, the two basically identical terms for “word, saying”——were differentiated.Recent decades have witnessed strong growth of fundamentally restrictive puritanisms, and there, to be sure, “mythical” connotes false, sacrilegious, or heathen.Even highly educated persons may equate myth with any religious institution’s attitude that they oppose.And likewise it has become evident that myths ought to be less readily regarded as coherent narratives than as fragments, whether in ordinary discourse or in displayed works of art (see especially Danser 2005, pp. Myths reinforce ancient educative values, as Plato (c. But one might look also at contemporary Navajo myths that, in their entirety, project an amazingly exact geographical gazetteer of their native nation’s boundaries.Such mythological performances (and later texts) are also evocative scenarios—the metaphors by which societies elect to follow this or that projected sociopolitical choice as well as various hermeneutical-interpretive-moral alternatives.


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