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Reynolds holds a Master of Arts in writing and literature from Purdue University.College is a time for many important things, and one of those is re-imaging the way you view the world.

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You don’t have to play the “devil’s advocate” and stick up for opinions that you truly find appalling, but you can ask probing questions, critique arguments, and voice the viewpoints that nobody else is sharing. On college assignments, students have a tendency to write about things they are familiar with.

This may make for easier work, but it doesn’t have the kind of benefits that learning about unknown topics does.

Although this thought may be disconcerting, the uncomfortable process of intellectual growth and development is exactly what college is designed for.

“Beware lest any man [educator, politician, rock star, news anchorman/woman] take you captive through vain and deceitful philosophy [naturalism, materialism, existentialism, pragmatism], after the tradition of men [Marx, Darwin, Nietzsche, Wellhausen, Freud, Dewey, Foucault], after the rudiments of the world [socialism, evolution, higher criticism, humanism, moral relativism, deconstructionism, collectivism], and not after Christ.” — Colossians 2:8The 20th century is the praxis of this verse.

Many colleges recruit students and faculty from all over the country and the world, so there’s a good chance many of the people you meet will be from places you know nothing about.

While this may seem scary to some, it is actually a great opportunity for learning and growth.Plus, when you have good relationships with people who disagree with you, you are more likely to realize that their opinions come from good faith, not from a radical desire to “ruin” the world. This can be a hard role to play in conversation, but it’s important to be a voice that won’t just kowtow to the dominant ideology.When someone makes a claim, it’s valuable to be the one to push back on it (respectfully), since this can cause all people involved to more deeply examine why they hold their beliefs.Our worldviews are often limited by what we have seen in our own lives, so when we make a sincere effort to understand how people from different backgrounds understand the world around them, we learn new modes of thinking and encounter challenging questions we may not have previously been aware of.In seeking out new perspectives, your resulting opinions will be stronger, you will be a more worldly person, and you will recognize that there are always new things you can learn more about.By engaging with diversity in all its forms, you will be able to see things from different angles and expand your perspective to better understand the full complexity of the world.Recognizing socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, and political diversity are important to seeing the world through fresher, clearer, more well-informed eyes.Sometimes things that seem central to your identity are actually just a byproduct of your upbringing, and may not be what you really believe when you take the time to reflect.By really analyzing why you think what you think, you’ll often realize that a different way to think is just as or even more reasonable.Over one hundred years ago (1890–1891), James Orr presented the Kerr lectures in Edinburgh, Scotland.He entitled his series ) he meant that Christianity is more than a two-hour emotional experience on Sunday morning. The Christian, by the very fact that he or she is a Christian is committed to a “view of God, to a view of man, to a view of sin, to a view of redemption, to a view of the purpose of God in creation and history, to a view of human destiny.” Add these views together and they add up to a worldview.


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