Writing An Academic Paper For Publication

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Approach this process with confidence and persistence. Before you write a single sentence, know where your article is going.

So many professionals write the article, and then start shopping for a journal.

Publications are also the vehicle that leads to job opportunities and promotions.

This can give psychologists with disabilities, especially those who are not employed full-time, a chance at a level playing field.

In this article, I concentrate on taking articles through the publication process, since this is the most difficult part for many people.

I focus primarily on journal articles, since they can be the hardest kind of publication to get.I am always amazed at the number of people in our field who make commitments to do work, and casually miss or blow off deadlines.Editors often tell me that I am the only one who met the deadline for a chapter or article. Just because "everyone" misses deadlines doesn't mean it is a good idea for you. Writing is one of the most important skills for you to acquire, whether you are in academics or clinical practice.Remember, science moves forward via communication among scientists-and articles are the way by which you do this.Articles I've written for newsletters and magazines have had more readers than many of my journal articles.And when it comes to having our say, this is an important consideration.I work part-time because of my disability, but I have almost 80 articles published, 2 books, and 2 more that are due next year.Having a good publication track record has opened up many opportunities for me that are generally not available to part-timers.Often, authors don't know how to handle these and may do nothing for months (or even years).Here are a couple of ways that you need to deal effectively with them.


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