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Mother is a real place where narratives are generated and negated endlessly.This book hums a body—sometimes to home, sometimes to leaving—both saving our lives.”—Lidia Yuknavitch, author of “Fifteen literary luminaries, including Filgate herself, probe how silence is never even remotely golden until it is mined for the haunting truths that lie within our most primal relationships—with our mothers.Is a question asked of me surprisingly often when I visit schools, which I much enjoy not only as part of my overarching subtle devious plan to get on the good side of the children who will soon run the world, but also for the consistent entertainment of their artlessly honest questions (the best ever: Is that your real nose? Read the Bible once a year or so, ideally the King James, to be reminded that rhythm and cadence are your friends as a writer.

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I am in awe of the talent Filgate has assembled here.

By considering those themes, suddenly my potential audience grew ten-fold and I could not have predicted the types of opportunities and connections that would develop as a result of this slight perspective shift.

My next step was to visualize what I wanted this book to look like.

No one will care about your story as much as you do, and your passion and drive will amplify the work as long as you are willing, able and brave enough to share it. (Note-to-self: Choose one title and stick to it, as it will avoid some unnecessary confusion down the road). Looking back now, book in hand, I realize how naïve I was about how much work it would be, how much money it would cost, and how rewarding it would all be in the end.

I hope that by sharing my experience and the lessons I learned along the way, I will de-mystify the process a bit and save others from coming up against similar hurdles in the journey of producing a book.(It is important to note that many of my earlier steps were taken while I was planning to self-publish my book.


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